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          BB-2590/U Li-ion battery with SMBUS

          Item No.: PTO-2590Smbus 216Wh
          Li-ion with SMbus 14.4V/15Ah&28.8V/7.5Ah
          Description Specification Related models

          Power-Time Li-ion Battery

          This is a high performance rechargeable Lithium Ion battery with instantaneous start up. The  BB-2590/U with SMbus battery was designed and manufactured  according to Military Standards and MIL-PRF-32052/1 compliant


           High capacity, performance verified, hermetically sealed, lithium-ion cells

           Complies with SMBus v1.1 and SBData v1.1

           High reliability due to all welded Construction

           100% final testing
          Items Specification
          PT Model no PTO-2590SMbus 216Wh
          Average Voltage Typical: 14.4V or 28.8V     Final: 12.0V or 24.0V
          Nominal Capacity 15.0Ah in 14.4V Mode
          7.5 Ah in 28.8V Mode
          Pulse Capability(5 seconds) Up to 18A continuous
          Dimensions 127*112*61mm
          Weight 1.4kg
          Operating Temp -20℃ to +55
          Storage Temp -30℃ to +40
          Exterior/Housing Hard Plastic Case
          Terminals/Connect 6 pin polarized socket SC-C-179495
          Absolute State of Charge Display 2 Separate 5 Segment LCDs with Constant Display
          Replacement for BB-2590/U,BB-590/U,BB-390B/U,BB-490/U,BA-5590/U,BA-5390/U,BA-3590/U
          138,117),Robots,Surveillance / Sensors
          BB-390B/U(PTO-390 NI-MH)                  BB-590/U(PTO-590 NI-CD)
          BB-390B/U lion battery               BB-590/U lion battery

          BA-3590/U(PTO-3590 Alkaline)         BA-5590/U(PTO-5590 LI-SO2)
          BA-3590/U lion battery               BA-5590/U lion battery