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        1. English

          SNR27dB Neckband noise-cancelling headset with hearing protection and talk-through

          Item No.: DF-1
          The DF-1 Headset offers clear, two-way communication through intercoms, radios and its talk-through feature, resulting in increased situational awareness for the user.
          Description Related models

          Power-Time Tactical Ear Protection Headset

          The Defenser 1 Tactical Ear Protection Headset combines binaural communication, hearing protection and superior situation awareness, it's suitable for use in high noise environments like hunting, shooting and combating etc. 

          Excellent fit and ergonomics for use in and out of vehicles
          Improved EMI performance reduces audio interference from jammers and other electronic sources

          Great speech intelligibility.
          Flexible boom microphone.

          Proprietary acoustic headset structure maintains performance under real-world fit conditions
          Improved noise reduction doubles the measured noise safe exposure time in typical wheeled vehicle noise environments compared to previous offerings
          Battery-powered active noise reduction and talk-through volume control provide users with the ability to use the product in a variety of noise-filled environments
          Rugged construction meant for demanding environments
          Dual communication versions available for use with multiple communications devices

          Optional versions are Neckband Headband or Bracket for FAST helmet

          DF-1 FAST TYPE
          Superior Tactical Helmet Ear Protection