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        1. English

          Helicopter passive noise-cancelling headset

          Item No.: AG-2

          Power-Time Helicopter Headset

          This is a Super-light headset,  lighter than other aviation headset, it weighs  only 138 g

          The application is for aviation, military,industrial,racing sports,and any high noisy places


          * The superiority of reducing full-spectrum noises, Certified noise reduction rating: 32 dB
          * Great speech intelligibility, Noise-canceling SPK&MIC, perfect noise-cancellation
          * Super-light, weighs only 500 g, Comfortable fit
          * Flexible boom microphone


          a. Microphone:
               Noise-canceling pro flexible Microphone

          Memory Foam ear-pad

            the memory foam ear-pad can be Easily replaceable
          c. Several Types of PTT for choice

          d. Flexible headband  
          Personality design,can be hung on the belt
          which allows fitting to different head sizes

          e. Eco-Friendly  Kevlar reinforced PU cable