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        1. English

          DF-1 Fast type tactical hearing protector

          Item No.: DF-1 FAST
          Fast type hearing protection tactical communication headset for most ACH helmet
          Description Related models

          Power-Time Tactical Electronic Ear Protection

          It's a headset with communication, hearing protection and situation awareness, ideal for operator use in harsh environments, and suitable for hunting,shooting and war environment

          comfortable fit
          extermly rugged design.
          excellent sound quality

          a. Electronics noise-canceling, protect hearing and suppress harmful impact noises to 85dB inside the ear cups

          b. Two separate,well-shielded microphone for optimal stereo effect and situation awareness for operator

          c. Neckband and headband version are available for most helmet of PASGT,MICH and FAST

          d. The ear cups provide super comfort and adjustable sizing to fit different users

          e. Waterproof flexible boom microphone provides excellent sound quality and perfect directional hearing

          DF-1 Neckband type
          Neckband type tactical electronic ear protection