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        1. English

          Headband noise-cancelling headset with hearing protection and talk-through

          Item No.: DF-3
          The DF-3 Headset offers clear, two-way communication through intercoms, radios and its talk-through feature, resulting in increased situational awareness for the user.

          Power-Time Tactical Electronic Hearing Protection Headset 

          DF-3 combines binaural communication,hearing protection and superior situational awareness,impulse-noise protection against sudden acoustic shocks up to 190 dB, comfortable fit with most ballistics helmets.

          Conform to ergonomically fit the head geometry,providing a better seal and increased noise attenuation

          2pcs AA batteries provide 200hrs of use(AA battery installs under each ear cup)

          Shuts device off after 4 hours of use to preserve battery charge.An audible tone alerts the user that shut down is imminent



          * The superiority of reducing full-spectrum noises
          * Great speech intelligibility
          * Comfortable fit
          * Flexible boom microphone


          a. Microphone:
               Noise-canceling flexible Microphone mounts to left or right ear-cup

          b. Integrated microphone
              Integrated microphone mounted  face outward to each of the ear-cups  for situational awareness and impulse noise protection

          c. on/off volume button:
           ON/OFF Volume: Provides operator full control to personalize the listening experience to suit individual needs

          d. Flexible headband  
          Personality design,can be hung on the belt
          which allows fitting to different sizes